Steve Orchard Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineer, Record Producer, Mixing Engineer and Score Mixer,
London UK

I am a mixer, producer and engineer. I’ve been working with recording artists and on film scores for over 25 years.

My career began at PRT (formally PYE) studios in 1986, I then went on to join Air studios in 1988 and was represented by Air Management until 2010.

I’ve had the privilege of working with the worlds most talented and successful musicians including Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, U2, Coldplay and Travis. I’ve also worked with the worlds best producers and engineers like George Martin, Nigel Godrich, Bob Clearmountain, Bill Schnee, Jack Puig, Chuck Ainley, Bill Price, and Geoff Emerick.

I have a very broad spectrum of skills working on projects which range from major Hollywood film scores, orchestral recording to producing and engineering for bands and solo artists on albums/singles and DVD’s, mixing in stereo and 5.1. In 2001 I received a Grammy for Bela Fleck’s album “Perpetual Motion”.

I work in studios in London and all over the world. I also do online mixing in my studio using Protools or Logic.

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Projects I am currently working on or have just completed:

Paul McCartney-various projects, Steven Wilson record album "Hand.Cannot.Erase.", Joco produced rec/mixed album “Horizon”, Mollie Marriott produced rec/mixed album “Truth Is A Wolf”, Doc Hartley produced rec/mixed album “Everybody Needs Some”, Scarlett Parade produced rec/mixed tracks, David Julyan rec/mix scores “Second Origin” and “Hidden”, John Metcalfe various orchestral sessions.


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