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Producer / Mixer / Engineer

Steve has worked on numerous film scores including 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory', 'Insomnia', and 'The Mummy'. Steve has recorded and mixed original songs for films by artists such as Chris Cornell and David Arnold for 'Casino Royale', Sting and John Williams for 'Sabrina' (which was Golden Globe and Oscar nominated), and Noel Gallagher for 'X-Files: The Movie'. Most recently he mixed forthcoming score for horror 'Cabin In The Woods' for David Julyan.
Steve received a Grammy for Bela Fleck's album 'Perpetual Motion'.


David Arnold
Casino Royal, Chris Cornell Record title track ‘You Know My Name’
Venus, Corrine Bailey-Rae Record/Mix
Changing Lanes, Mix
Baby Boy, Mix
Tomorrow Never Dies, Record end title ‘Surrender’

James Brett
Ella Enchanted, Mix

Marius DeVries
Moulin Rouge, Record

Danny Elfman  
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Record/Mix

Noel Gallagher
X Files The Movie, Record end title ‘Teotihuacan’

Murray Gold
Perfect Parents Record/Mix

Rupert Gregson-Williams
Plots With A View Record/Mix

Gerry Goldsmith
The Mummy, Record

David Julyan
Cabin In The Woods, Record/Mix
Heartless, Record/Mix
Descent part 1 & 2, Record/Mix
Eden Lake, Record/Mix
The Daisy Chain, Record/Mix
Outlaw, Record/Mix
W Delta Z, Record/Mix
Inside I’m Dancing, Record/Mix
Spivs, Record/Mix
Insomnia, Record/Mix

Molly Nyman & Harry Escott
Deep Water, Record

John Powell & Harry Gregson-Williams
Antz , Record

Stanislas Syrewicz

Simply Sinatra, Record/Mix
Crime And Punishment, Record/Mix

Bienvue Au Gite, Record/Mix

John Williams and Sting
Sabrina, Record/Mix title track - ‘Moonlight’


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